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David Ross Education Trust schools create a rich and exciting learning environment that inspires students to become their confident, academic best.

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Eresby Special School

Eresby Special School maintains a caring and happy atmosphere where pupils can feel safe and are encouraged to achieve their personal best. Enabling them to leave school as confident, happy and independent as possible.

Academy Information

Eresby School seeks to be a centre of excellence enabling each pupil to be educated to the highest possible standard.

The Aims Of School Are To:

1. Provide an appropriate education for all pupils, based on the Foundation/National Curriculum, adapted as necessary to meet the individual needs of our pupils.
2. Reflect the expectations we place on the wider society by being fully inclusive within the school. Pupils will be taught in age groups and not separated according to ability.
3. Provide a wide range of learning experiences, involving community groups, support agencies and educational visits.
4. Value and celebrate progress of all pupils, however small the steps.
5. Provide a multi-sensory environment.
6. Raise self-esteem by the values we display, by our attitudes towards ourselves and others and to respect everyone, pupils and staff.
7. Be sensitive towards all pupils, especially when involved in intimate care, to respect privacy. Be supportive in showing pupils how to express their feelings appropriately. 
8. Provide a stimulating learning environment designed to stimulate and challenge.


The Schools Collaborative Partnership

Eresby School feels it is important to work with other schools and organisations, in a climate of mutual challenge, to champion best practice and secure excellent achievements for all pupils.

The school is now involved in formal Peer Reviews with its partner schools supporting Lincolnshire's vision for Sector-Led school improvement. The aim is that through collective responsibility we can ensure that all children in our schools receive the highest quality of education possible.

The headteachers in every school in the partnership carry out formal peer reviews. Each school receives one peer review per year. These reviews identify excellent practice within the partnership as well as areas to improve. Following reviews, the schools work together to support each other to provide the very best education possible for the pupils in the partnership.

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