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Eresby Special School

Eresby Special School maintains a caring and happy atmosphere where pupils can feel safe and are encouraged to achieve their personal best. Enabling them to leave school as confident, happy and independent as possible.

Culture Week

Day 1

Culture week has started really well with the dance group learning the national dance of Mexico 'Jarabe Tapatio' also called the 'Mexican Hat Dance'.  The group will be performing with the whole school later in the week.  Class 2 researched the meaning of the Mexican flag, what the stripes mean and then experienced a typical day in school for a Mexican child.

Day 2

Class 3 have been exploring the aromas of Mexican food and learning about the Mexican Cinderella story called Adelita. The class acted out a piece of drama and danced at the Mexican Fiesta.

Day 3

Today we have been designing and making ponchos and sombreros using fabric pens and paints.  We will be wearing them later in the week and using them in competitions.  The food group have made a variation of chilli con carne in a soup and tortilla chips with salsa and garlic and onion dips.   

Day 4

We have been learning about and making God's Eye's in class today, they are commonly found in Mexico and believed to have the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye.  To make the God's Eyes we have weaved wool around a wooden cross.  

Day 5

Final day of Cuture Week for this year and it has been a fantastic day with a whole school Mexican Fiesta.  The ponchos and sombreros from earlier in the week were on display.  The dance groups shared the routines they had learnt with the whole school.  Each class made a mexican road runner and raced against each other.  The final activity was a sombrero throwing competition.